The Second Life virtual Church

  • The Second Life Virtual Church was one of the best ways we have found to be able to see and interact with many of the Church Members around the world and have what appears to be a physical meeting place for those members spread around the world. Accessing Second Life simply needs a computer, a Second Life Account and the Second Life Client to log in and the Landmark for the Church and its surrounding gardens

    All dates and times for the Sermons at the Second Life Virtual Church will be listed as GMT time to make it easier for people to workout what time it will be for themselves. Where possible, the same sermon will be held several times throughout the day to allow those that may be sleeping to come to one of them.

    Click the Links below for the things you need. If you create a character, once creation is complete it will give you the download link to the client. When you're set up, simply come back here, and click the Church SURL Link to get you to the Church.

    Second Life Homepage
    Create a Second Life Character
    Second Life Church SLURL