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    Yahwehs Truth in New Jerusalem CHRISTIAN CHURCH is the TRUE CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF YAHWEH GOD, Spreading THE TRUTH to all that want to LEARN and KNOW!

    The Role of Yahweh's Truth in New Jerusalem CHRISTIAN CHURCH

    We are THE Church and Ministry with an uncompromising stand on the Bible, Biblical Teaching and accuracy of the Truth, for the Truth will set you free. We believe in and teach that God, our Heavenly Father has a Name which should be used, his name, Yahweh (or Jehovah if you care to transliterate it). We also proclaim the Son, Our Lord, who was originally named Yahshua (in English as Jesus) which means "Yahweh is salvation", who is the Messiah or The Christ prophesied by the Old Covenant (Old Testament) Prophets.

    The Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ's mission was to bring the message of the truth and the gospel of your salvation to earth. Yahweh's Church in New Jerusalem, The True Christian Church, has many members around the world, who have come to the same understanding of THE TRUTH of Scripture and the gospel of salvation. In studying themselves they have come to the same understanding of the Bible and THE TRUTH through the Spirit of Truth who issues from the Father. We provide Bible Studies, Articles and a Book of Bible Articles in various formats, for individuals to use personally for their own examination and study, and those with the Gift of teaching and evangelism to help teach and explain things and point you in the dirction of the Biblical answers you need, without telling you the answers.

    We do NOT believe in Blind Faith, for the Father of Lies will try to keep you and tempt you away from THE TRUTH and you need to be prepared to fight against him and the temptation and philosophy of man he uses. In Studying you shall show thy Self worthy, not through Blind Faith in those that tell you what you should believe and have tried to "... captivate you with the empty lure of a "philosophy" of the kind that human beings hand on, based on the principles of this world and not on Christ.(Colossians 2:8 NJB)"