Mission and Statement of Beliefs


The Mission of the Church and its members is to spread The Truth of the gospel from Biblical Scripture through the Spirit of truth who issues from the Father, correcting centuries of misconceptions, and corrupt philosophy contained within mainstream Christian churches and to jolt people to study scripture for themselves to find the Truth and the gospel of your salvation. It is the mission of the Church, its Elders and Members to explain and advise humanity so that once people know and the Truth given, then people are free to exercise the Free Will we have to study further then reject or accept that Truth.

Statement of Beliefs

This document summarizes the Statement of Beliefs that Members of Yahweh's Truth in New Jerusalem accept and understand as scriptural truth after their study. Yahweh (Jehovah) commands that we prove all things ordained in His Word, thus we encourage all who study with us to read and study themselves with the Spirit of Truth (The Holy Spirit) which comes from Yahweh God, our Father in Heaven. Everyone is welcome in the Church regardless of race or nationality.

1. The Father

We believe in our Father in Heaven, Almighty God, whose name is proclaimed in scripture as Yahweh/ Jehovah, whose name we commanded to use and revere. Creator of all things seen and unseen, He is the Supreme Ruler over everything, He is to be venerated above all and Worship is to be directed toward Him. We believe that Yahweh/ Jehovah God is a God of Love.

2. The Son

We believe in Christ Jesus (Messiah Yahshua), The Son of God, Yahweh's only begotten Son in Heaven and on Earth the image of the unseen God, the first-born of all creation. He pre-existed before His earthly birth and was the spokesman for the Father in the Old Testament. He was born in human form of a virgin by Yahweh's own power to fulfil Yahweh God's Prophecy as given to His Prophets from the Old Covenant (Old Testament), that He lived a completely sinless life, died upon the torture stake to atone for Humanity's sins and rose from the dead to be our Lord and Saviour and the mediator between mankind and Yahweh and that he created the New Covenant (New Testament) as Prophesied by God as given to His Prophets in the Old Covenant. We believe that through Christ all things were created, and that Christ is the Beginning and Ending of all creation

3. The Holy Spirit

We believe in the Holy Spirit, The Comforter, The Spirit of Truth, which is an invisible force proceeding from the Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit is the acting agent by which Yahweh and His Son accomplish their will. The Holy Spirit is placed within those who are baptized into the Church and Truth. Through this power a person receives Yahweh's strength to overcome sin and live a repentant life and grants various Gifts to aid us in understanding and spreading the Truth.

4. Doctrine of the Trinity

We do NOT believe in the Doctrine of Trinity as espoused by the Nicene -Constantinopolitan Creed and as espoused and accepted scripturally by many Christian churches currently on Earth. We BELIEVE that God, Christ and the Holy Spirit are 3 distinct entities and that Christ and the Holy Spirit are NOT Yahweh God but subservient to Him.

5. The Bible (Scripture)

We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God as He gave it to His Prophets and His Son Christ Jesus who passed it onto the Apostles.

6. Satan

We believe in Satan is a spirit being who was cast out of heaven because of his pride. He is the Brother of Christ, created after Christ and through Christ. We believe that he sinned against Yahweh for his own greedy and selfish want of the worship that was and is rightly Yahweh God's. We believe that Satan rules the Earth and the current system of things, using deceit and lies to cause Humanity to sin and turn away from Yahweh and the Truth.

7. The Saints (The 144,000)

We believe that the 144,000 are the Little Flock mentioned in the Bible are the chosen Saints of God and Christ. We believe that these alone will be the Companions of Christ and the ones that will have life in Heaven. We believe this is the New Covenant Christ instituted when he was incarnated as Jesus, as well as changing some of the laws given to Moses IE: no unclean meats now, no more sacrifices etc. which can be found in the scriptures.

8. The New Earth and the New Jerusalem

We believe that the majority of Humanity, will be resurrected and judged and should work towards gaining eternal life on the New Earth and seeing the New Jerusalem as part of the Salvation promised to Mankind since the beginning.

9. Death

We believe that when we die that a person sleeps in the grave until the time of the resurrection when they will be Judged, not sent to Hell or taken to Heaven.